Theming with Zen

A hands on demonstration on how to leverage the zen theme and sub-theme system to create websites with ease that do not look like hacked Garland. We will cover the general setup of the Zen system and how to create a sub-theme. Next we will review how to best override the existing CSS and if needed minimally tweak page.tpl.php. Lastly how to maximize use of body.classes and node.tpl.php if we have time.


  • What is zen: why should you use it
  • Examples of sites created with zen sub themes
  • Modules we use in the majority of our websites
  • Installation, setup
  • Create a new sub-theme, .info files
  • zen CSS setup; layout.css, html-elements.css, sub-theme-name.css
  • #why body.classes.roc­
  • node.tpl.php

Presentation Takeaway

  • What is the Zen theme and how to create amazing website designs with little effort.
  • How to set up Zen and create a sub-theme
  • A better understanding of CSS
  • Why you should only start with zen and step on it just the right way ;D